I upgraded my standard rucksack Lowerpro styled camera bags years ago. I felt that turning up in a suit with a rucksack on my bag regardless of how 'nice' it was didn't quite look the part in a 3 piece suit at a wedding. Even though it may have been practical at the time.

So I was on the hunt for a gorgeous looking camera bag. I opted for the transportation in this beautiful Think Tank Camera Bag. Which I believe is listed as a video bag. But it suited my purpose. So I transport all my equipment in this and then when I arrive at the wedding I put together my double leather harness with the two R5s with the 85mm on one body & 28-70mm on the other. The other lenses Sigma 105mm (for B&G portrait session) the Samyang 14mm (ultra wide shots) Canon 70-200mm (speeches and candids) are put in to the gorgeous Billingham Pro Hadley bag. Along with additional batteries etc

This is by far thee best set up I've ever created for weddings. It is both stylish but more importantly efficient and has the best camera bodies and glass Ive ever owned all in one place!