If you are looking for a wedding venue for that classy elegant feel then look no further. What a wedding venue.

A Grand Wedding…The magnificent Assembly Room is one of the few wedding venues in Cardiff which can accommodate up to 500 guests, this richly decorated and ornate space is often the setting for large scale weddings. The sweeping, grand Victorian staircases make for a dramatic entrance for the bride and a fabulous back-drop for bride, groom and guests.

Something smaller…The Marble Halllined by columns of Sienna marble and decorated with ornate stained glass windows, has a maximum capacity of 200 but can easily be set up for weddings with fewer guests.

A more intimate wedding…The Council Chamber is a stunning wedding venue, a ceremony in this grand amphitheatre will ensure the happy couple are the focus of everyone’s attention. With seating for 94 guests and space for an additional 50 in the public gallery.

Visit: Cardiff City Hall Weddings web site