Hi, I am Graham Davies

I am a professional wedding photographer based in Bridgend, South Wales, UK

A large part of my professional life I was involved in sport, whether it was as GB National Coach for Aerobic Gymnastics, or as a Sports Science Lecture at Neath College. Plus I spent many years as an International Aerobics Presenter travelling the world and UK delivering workshops.

I studied PE & Art at Borough Road College, West London so I guess it was inevitable that sport and art (photography) have dominated my life. My mum always said I always was either running or taking pictures!

A few claim to fames was playing first class rugby for Cardiff and scoring Try of the Season on HTV back in the 1980s. Competing for GB at 400m hurdles as an 18 year old and presenting a fitness video titled 'Your Bodys Callin' with Annalise off Neighbours! You can still find this DVD in £1 shops, dont ask! Oh and I was European Aerobics Champion with Vogue off Gladiators (thats going back some!)

For the past fifteen years I've made photography my business and my passion. I love what I do and believe that photographs are an integral part of our current day to day life and an essential part of our memories. Being an artist first I see everything as composition and light. My aim is to capture you both perfectly framed and beautifully lit.

As a professional wedding photographer my job is to capture your wedding day as it unfolds. The way I work is a combination of candid, natural, and a touch of fun. For example group shots are captured smoothly, professionally but with a little fun thrown in for good measure just so we get those expressive smiles and laughs with nothing forced.

You'll never ever hear me raise my voice to your guests! I've heard horror stories of stressed photographers shouting and ordering people about. Not me, the best way to get the best expressions and therefore the best pictures for you is to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

I also study the names of your families before hand as I like to talk to people on first name terms.

I also find out the colour scheme of your wedding and match my tie to your wedding. For me, the little touches and details makes the difference.

You'll quickly discover Im not just a photographer. I put button holes on confused grooms men, double windsor knots are my speciality, top pocket handkerchief professional, sort the button loops on back of the dress (as Ive no nails lol) known to reattach veils ( I know about the extra clips ;)), can find the loop to hitch the dress up for first dance within 3 seconds! lol my talents are endless hahaha

graham davies photobombing wedding
wedding photograph at Bryngarw House

I get recommended so many times by previous Bride & Grooms, so its always great to get a selfie with them!

bride and groom at Fairy Hill Wedding
wedding couple at Bryngarw House
Beautiful De Courceys Manor Wedding Picture

Gem & Greg

Hugh & I would like to thank you so much for the absolutely amazing photo's you took on Gem and Gregs wedding. When I viewed them in the evening I was a total wreck!! You were so professional, patient and lovely with our guests who wanted to capture their magical day. I truly can't wait to see the rest of photos you taken. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who would like to experience the same as Gem and Greg did with you. You made them feel so at ease and special. Once again thank you. Tina (mum)