It just isn't my thing!

I've tried and don't get me wrong they helped me in my first few years but I just felt like a second hand car sales man!! Please come and buy my car!!

It's never sat right with me pouncing on potential clients who are browsing the fayres. They are being inundated with offers and pressurised sales teams. I much prefer recommendations and referrals and have stood by this method for over 13 years now.

There's nothing more satisfying than when you've done a good job, its been appreciated and several months down the road another couple who had attended that wedding want to book you for their wedding too!

I only like to book around 30 weddings a year anyway, as that allows me to give each of my clients a high level of personal care. Plus I like to diversify and work in other genres. This not only keeps me creative and challenged but it keeps me constantly using my cameras and lighting.

Back to fayres - I've nothing against fayres, in fact I think they are an amazing tool for venues and other suppliers to showcase their wares. I imagine a lot of photographers earn their work this way and are very successful at it. I'm just not good at 'cold calling' and saying hi to someone I've need met and striking up a conversation (which lets be fair is false as all they really want to do is get you to like them and buy their services!) . For me personally I much prefer to be booked by clients who either have found my work and love my images and prices on line or better still have come to me through friends or family who have recommended me.

My approach is as an old fashioned professional photographer. I dress in a suit and tie that matches your wedding colours. I learn your family names so I can call them politely to help with getting the best pictures for my couples. I can't use a second photographer as I would worry they've missed something. I've never had to apologise to any bride or groom for missing a key moment at their wedding and I endeavour to never have to in the future either!

I like to tell a story of you both getting ready, right through to your wedding vows and stay till first dance and a few dances after. That way I capture the essence of the day for years to come. I like to produce a set of formal images as these will stand the test of time and will always look classical. Along with plenty of candids and fun shots that capture the fun and love throughout the day.

So I apologise if you were hoping to find me at a wedding fayre but you can always drop me a line, pop in for a cuppa, look at our sample albums, chat about your day and then leave. I never ask for a booking during such a meeting I always want you to go away and chat about it. I never follow up, bombarding you with emails only get back to me if you would like to book.

Take care of each other and enjoy the journey of your wedding and your life together.