[update 4th June 2021] I currently have 8 weddings left still booked in for this year. Im sure that will become even less as time goes on. All others have moved successfully to 2021 except one. I managed to liaise with all my clients but sadly I could not cover one couples re arranged date. It was so disappointing to not be able to cover their wedding. I have refunded their full deposit and helped create a shortlist of alternative wedding photographers who were available for their rearranged date (I will also add that I did not or do not take a finders fee)

Swings and roundabouts I guess, as I have picked up two lovely weddings from brides contacting me after they original photographer couldn't cover their re arranged wedding day. So it works both ways

On this note please be aware that some wedding photographers possibly haven't told you that they cannot do your second date and are booking an alternative associate photographer for your wedding, so that they do not lose out on your money! Personally I find this immoral , if you booked someone for his/her style of wedding photography plus you met with them and liked their personality and thought they were a good fit for your wedding day, only to have someone else turn up at you wedding, I think there is going to be a few upset brides next year! So my advice is please check and confirm who is actually photographing your wedding!

Stay Safe Everyone


I have covered close to 300 weddings over the past 12 years and never known a time like this. I have never had to cancel or get another photographer in to cover my weddings through sickness or injury. I have never had so many weddings postponed and rebooked. It is certainly unprecedented times. For your peace of mind I will never charge for moving your wedding date. I will never ask for more money even if costs have gone up. I do not charge for holding a date incase the proposed initial wedding has yet to be postponed. I will always do my best for you both as if you were my own family. In all cases I'd hope you would liaise with me and your wedding venue when being offered alternative dates so that I can cover your alternative date. If all efforts have been made to select a date so that I can cover your postponed wedding but I am already booked I will return your deposit. I hope this short article goes some way to reassuring you both that booking me as your wedding photographer is a good idea :)