I've been the proud owner of a Canon Film Camera since the early 80's and then since the digital revolution I have religiously purchased top grade Canon DSLR bodies to help me capture high quality imagery over the passed twelve years of my photographic business.

I have kept pace with the changes and developments with all my 'kit' that helps support my business and was hoping for the launch of the 5D Mark V, but sadly those rumours have been quashed. So I've bitten the bullet and embraced the mirrorless system with the NEW Canon EOS R5!

This stunning, fast focussing beast of a 45 megapixel camera will take my work to another level. I cant wait to share with you the amazing files this top of the range camera will produce.

I will continue to use the amazing 5D mark IV for a number of photography projects as the file sizes will be more manageable. Plus this camera produces amazing results any way and I will always need a back up camera.